Intranet and Collaboration

The intranet and collaborative portals connect your team to critical company information, knowledge, and applications. A well-structured intranet ensures time and money savings, increased productivity, agility in information exchange, and a strong alliance in the organization's internal communication.

Iteris specializes in developing custom intranet projects using Microsoft SharePoint, a premier platform that delivers rich native functionality and a sophisticated development environment for creating custom applications.

Iteris uses a tried and tested methodology for the building of intranets - the strategic driver, developed by the Intranet Portal Institute. In this methodology the projects are divided into three distinct phases: diagnosis, planning and construction.

The use of metrics and Iteris' experience in a number of projects ensure that the end product adheres to the individual requirements of each company, allowing for the evolution of the intranet in implementation waves and building an environment conducive to team collaboration and productivity.

Whether it is to build just an EDM in a corporate communications environment or

thinking about process automation, social collaboration, business intelligence and other functionalities, Iteris is the ideal partner to help you to build or maintain your Intranet.