CAP Workflow - Central de Automação de Processos

  • Tool to build workflows in minutes, without the need for advanced technical knowledge;
  • It allows defining the sequence of approval and the fields to be filled by the requester;
  • It has complementary functions like attaching files, performing audited chat during the execution of the process and track the progress of the workflows;
  • Visit the CAP Workflow hotsite to know more: Workflow.

Iteris PO-RH - Planejamento e Orçamento de Remuneração e Headcount

  • Tool for headcount and overtime planning at the employee level;
  • Allows you to simulate promotions, relocations, retirement, dismissal, hirings and transfers;
  • Allows the creating of scenarios, making it possible to compare the current versus the previous plans;
  • The budget plan can be done by the manager, in a decentralized way, and submitted for approval through workflow;
  • Shows actual cost monitoring versus budgeted at each month closure through BI supplementary module.

Iteris CGA - Central de Gerenciamento de Acessos

  • Detailed control of the processes of granting and revoking access to systems;
  • Traceability and audit of approvals;
  • Quickness by composing access packages by profiles and roles;
  • Supports for employees hiring, relocation and dismissal;
  • Visit the Iteris CGA hotsite and learn more: Iteris CGA and know more: